XBT Tracker future development

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XBT Tracker future development

Postby VisiGod » Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:46 am

Now that the school semester is over and I'm on vacation from work, I've looked again into the component and I will separate the component into a main area and several addons since it will be easier to maintain and debug. Here's the conclusion I've reached so far:

Main component: XBT Tracker frontend

- Donations
- Licenses
- Countries
- Comments
- Peer ban
- IP ban
- Download/Upload multiplier
- Peer speed

The core component will work without any of the addons enabled, thus making it easier to test.

I will also change the core code that is "taking care" of the uploaded torrents since the current code is old and buggy. I will use an external php class thus making the code more independent.

I'm also looking at the possibility to separate the user information from the Joomla core #__users table to prevent problems with other components and future updates.

In the next days I will re-read all the forum requests and will put a list of what will be developed and what will not be. If you have any request, it's the right time to write a post about it. If you found any more bugs that aren't reported, I appreciate that you report them. If you want to keep any information private, please send me an email (visigod_AT_visigod_DOT_com) with the bug.